man extracts his own teeth and uses beer “anesthetic”


In the UK, self-employed builder Chris Savage, 42, could not endure an agonizing toothache he felt and, having no money and not being able to schedule a free dental appointment, ended up extracting his two front teeth on account own. To perform the procedure, the man drank eight liters of beer to “anesthetize” himself.

The teeth were removed with the help of pliers. There was an interval of 24 hours between one extraction and another, it was so painful that they were pulled. There was no type of guidance from a dentist or major care.

That’s because the measures were desperate. The man had already made dozens of calls and refused 20 dental offices. The locals told Savage that they were not accepting new patients through the NHS (National Health Service), the UK’s public health system.

However, the subject with toothache could not afford a private dentist. He lost part of his income due to the covid-19 pandemic and lives on government aid alone, which leaves him with £ 50 a week (about R $ 362) to pay bills and buy food.

Without seeing any other alternative, the freelancer opted for the radical exit and extracted his own teeth. The beer, according to Savage, would have helped him to have the courage to remove the first annoyance, because he “knew he didn’t want to do that” and that “nobody wants to pluck part of his face with pliers and without real painkillers”.

He put the tool on the first tooth and as soon as it hurt, he removed it. “I waited five minutes, went on again and then thought I had to do this,” he said, according to the Daily Star. “It was an appropriate tug, a squeeze and one more tug – it came out”.

In the second extraction, the builder said he used only anti-inflammatory to relieve the pain and gargle with salt water.

It is worth remembering, however, that extracting teeth at home is extremely dangerous and can result in serious infections. About the incident, a spokesman for the NHS England said that if the clinical evaluation by the health system identifies a patient with urgent treatment and there is no way to perform it in a local office.

“Ethe [Chris Savage] could be referred to one of the dental care centers [presentes no Reino Unido], stressed the spokesman.


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