Man tickles his ear and discovers giant spider in headset


Anyone who was raised in the country must have heard from their parents that the best thing to do before putting on a shoe is to shake it. However, no one gave tips on how to do the same with a headset – after all, who would have thought that an insect could enter an object like this?

The bad luck happened to Australian Olly Hurst, a resident of Perh, the country’s capital. In a video posted on social media, the man warned followers of the risks of not checking the headset and, incidentally, coming across a spider.


Olly’s headphones are used as protection, as he works on construction sites. Earlier this month, before rolling up his sleeves, the Australian put the object over his ears, but felt ticklish. Upon removing it, he found the insect lodged in one of the parts.

The giant bug is a hunter spider, which only attacks when it is threatened. In the video shared with friends, Olly showed the arachnid “living” on the headset.


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