Mandetta: Bolsonaro’s ex-minister’s revelations about the 90-day backstage against the covid (and how the world can learn from it)


The book is about his time at the Ministry of Health during the first 90 days of the pandemic in Brazil. How does it all come down?
The book is a contextualization of the 90 days between the World Health Organization recognizing the emergency [sanitária] and my leaving the Ministry. I stayed at the Ministry of Health for a year and six months. I noticed, during this period, that there is very little written about the Spanish flu, about the Asian flu, about the context, the surroundings, the environment for decision making. I see the coronavirus as a focal point, it will be a point of reflection. The 21st century will be christened with a before and after this coronavirus. It is bigger than the stock market crash, it is decisive for a series of social transformations, so it is important that each one reveals where he was, how his surroundings took place, how his vision and participation in this process took place. It was in this sense to leave it to the next generations, so that they have some material that gives this focus. It’s almost a first-person account of what those 90 days were like.


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