Maned wolf of the R $ 200 bill will ‘retire’ soon, says Guedes


Photo: Raphael Ribeiro / BC

Less than two months after the Central Bank officially launched the new R $ 200 banknote, Paulo Guedes admitted that the creation of a higher-value banknote is against the grain of what other countries have done.

“We created the R $ 200 note with maned wolf because we had a logistics problem to pay for emergency aid. With Pix [novo sistema de pagamentos aprovado pelo BC], the future is less money in hand and simpler bills, ”said the minister at his Congressional hearing on Thursday, 29.

“In the future, the maned wolf will end, the R $ 200 note, of R $ 100. Now, the maned wolf will retire and will have a short career,” added Guedes.

The Antagonist believes that the maned wolf should also be happy with retirement. Less risk of frequenting spaces such as senators’ buttocks.

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