Manipulation? The sum of the votes of all the gardens in this edition never gave 100%


The fifth garden of “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV), with Biel, Carol Narizinho and Tays Reis, gave us something to talk about last night and it was not only because it broke a new record in the program’s history, with more than 676 million wishes. After disclosing the result of the garden that eliminated Carol Narizinho from the program, one fact aroused the attention of the public and the press: the sum of the individual percentages of each pawn did not give 100%. Biel had 33.01%, Carol 29.51%, and Tays Reis 37.47%. Adding the three values, the result is: 99.9%. It didn’t take long for reality fans to accuse the broadcaster of manipulating the vote results.

And it wasn’t just yesterday’s farm that the account didn’t close. This happened in all the gardens of this edition of “A Fazenda”. Last week, which had the elimination of Cartolouco, the sum was 100.1%. The sports journalist had 24.9% against 30.8% for Biel and 44.31% for Jojo Todynho. In the third round of the edition, in which Rodrigo Morais was eliminated, he also did not give 100% of votes in the account. The youtuber had 25.63%, 41.61% for Raíssa Barbosa and 32.73% for Biel, resulting in 99.97%.

In the second elimination of the program, which culminated in the departure of JP Gadêlha, the result was 100.1%. The firefighter had 22.6%, Lidi Lisboa received 40.75% and Luiza Ambiel 33.20%. And in the first field, which eliminated Fernandinho Beatbox, the sum was 99.99%. The musician had 22.45%, Raissa 44.14% and Cartolouco 33.40.

Sought by Twitter, Record’s press office said it will not comment on the matter.

The Farm 2020: Biel, Carol Narizinho and Tays Reis on the farm

Image: Playback / RecordTV


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