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Coach Mano Menezes did not like the offensive production of Bahia in the match against Melgar-PER, played this Thursday, at the National Stadium of Lima. With a goal against by Nino Paraíba, the team was defeated by 1 to 0, in the first game of the second phase of the South American.

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Mano Menezes, Bahia coach, in the match against Melgar-PER – Photo: Staff Images / CONMEBOL

In an interview after the match, Mano said that the team produced little and had difficulty creating chances.

– I expected a better offensive performance, because, even with different strategies in the two times, when we had possession and control of the game, we created few opportunities. We ended up on goal with some danger there after 38, 40 minutes of the second half. Little for a team that wants to build victory. You need to turn this possession, which was more efficient in the second half, into goal chances. We had difficulty creating; we were not on a happy night in terms of creation. The idea of ​​training. In the first part, we played with Ramon Daniel’s place. Even when Daniel came in, our point guard, he plays closer to the attackers, we were unable to create a lucid way to turn this into clear goal opportunities – he said.

Although it created few chances, Bahia conceded the goal when it was better in the match, in a play that started with Elias’ wrong pass, offering a counterattack to the opponent.

However, for the tricolor coach, football is not a “game of justice”, but of whoever puts the ball in the net.

– Football is like that. It is not a game of justice, it is a game of ball in the goal. Melgar was fortunate to make a move that, in the second half, had no more space to make. He was happy in the triangulation on the side, between our center and our side. The move went into defense and we conceded the goal. We could have done it when we were better. We didn’t. Hard, even games, of a tournament like the South American one. Now it is having strength as principal on the return, on Thursday, to try to undo the advantage that Melgar did. I believe we have the strength for that – said Mano.

– Melgar didn’t create many chances in the second half, almost nothing. But he took one of them and did it. In the same way, we could have taken advantage and opened the scoring – completed the coach.

In the game in Salvador, Bahia will need to win by two goals difference to advance to the next stage. If you return the 1 to 0, the decision of the vacancy goes to penalties. The game is scheduled for next Thursday, at the Fonte Nova Arena.

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Why Ramon and not Daniel?
– South American tournament games create a difficulty for you as a visitor in the first match. Naturally, Melgar wanted to put more pressure on us, create opportunities to make the result. Football are choices. Daniel doesn’t have that much physical strength for the first part of the game. We understood that the first part would be more disputed. We wanted to give him the second chance, a more technical game, more spaced out, so that the technical quality he has would give the team conditions. But I am not going to address the difficulties we have for one or the other. That is not the point. The team needs to know how to behave in various ways of playing, in various circumstances of games that lie ahead. We will have to reverse the situation. When we conceded the goal, we were with an offensive team. They managed a counterattack goal that, at that time of the game, you can no longer give in. Maybe it was our mistake, we controlled it, we pushed them back, but we conceded two counterattacks, one before. And in the goal, we had little unhappiness, because Nino ended up pushing the ball inwards. But the move was drawn before. The team lacked experience, maturity, to know that you will seek victory, but not by giving up spaces to counterattack.

Why didn’t the team from the 2nd half repeat against Atlético-MG?
– Because it was another game, another circumstance. The games are not the same. Another tournament, another regulation. That circumstance, that formation, served for that moment. Maybe it can serve in the return game, who knows, because we need to revert the same 1 to 0 that we had to revert from Atlético-MG. They are different games. So different choices.

Difficulty hiring
– These are repeated questions, because we are close to closing the registration of the Brazilian Championship. At the beginning of November, we will finish this. But we are not going to discuss hiring in public. Does not make any sense. Much less upon defeat, which may seem something disconnected from what we think and philosophy we conduct work.


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