Marcelo admits curfew to stop pandemic


This Friday, the President of the Republic admitted compulsory withdrawal as a possible measure to be applied in Portugal, in case the number of deaths caused by the pandemic is out of control.

“If there is a brutal worsening of the situation, which we hope will not happen and that it is very much in the hands of people, everything that has to be decided is decided and there are progressive degrees of intervention”, said the President of the Republic, this Friday in the afternoon, on a terrace in Aljezur, where he is to help the economic recovery of the Algarve region.

Assuming that it is necessary to avoid restoring the “very high degree” of intervention that Portugal has already been, “because of the economic and social consequences” for the country, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa opened the door to measures that are in force in other countries – such as the curfew and the interruption of goods and services at certain times (from Saturday in some French regions, for example) – with the evolution of the number of cases and fatalities. “If the death toll goes up, then we have a serious problem.”

Faced with the constitutionality of the mandatory StayAway Covid app, which the Government proposed to Parliament in a draft law, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa again referred a final decision to the Constitutional Court. “We are not going to waste time on an indefinite discussion about whether it is against the Constitution or not. If the Assembly votes – the Assembly is free to vote and not vote – if it votes, but voting with many doubts, and constitutionality doubts, it is very What is being done is asking the Constitutional Court whether it is constitutional or not, and it is defined in 15 days “, or even less, to avoid dragging the debate on for months, pointed out Marcelo.


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