Marcelo admits to taking StayAway Covid’s obligation to the Constitutional


The President of the Republic admitted, this Thursday, to take the initiative himself to raise the preventive inspection of the constitutionality of the law that aims to compel the use of the StayAway Covid application before the Constitutional Court.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa recalls that Parliament will have to comment on the Government’s draft law and guaranteed, in a declaration in Lisbon, that if the question of the constitutionality of the obligation to use the StayAway Covid application is raised in the debate in the Assembly of the Republic – as several parties are already doing – will take that initiative himself.

Parliament has the knife and cheese in hand“, said the President of the Republic, guaranteeing that if doubts persist about the constitutionality of the law after the parliamentary debate,” there will be no problem in raising the issue so that the Constitutional Court can clarify “.

I would rather ask the Constitutional Court to clarify a thousand times than to let the discussion go“, he said, recalling that the PS itself, the party that supports the Government, has already admitted having doubts and wanting to hear experts in Parliament.

Journalists insisted on whether the president, himself a constitutionalist, has doubts about the Government’s draft law, with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa refusing to comment on the legislative process. But he ended up admitting that there should be no such doubts.

“Do not add difficulties”

“We have a process that nobody knows how long it will take. We have difficulties that are inevitable, we will not add difficulties that are avoidable“, said.

As for the mandatory use of a mask on public roads, the President of the Republic responded with his own example, recalling that “he has worn a mask for many months” in closed and public spaces.

The head of state admitted that the two Government proposals are “very sensitive matters” and said that he respects the debate that will take place in Parliament. “It is very simple: the Assembly of the Republic is free to approve or not to approve,” he said, calling on the Portuguese to act “with serenity”. “Neither dramatize excessively, nor de-dramatize,” he said.

Asked whether the Government could be called upon to tighten restrictions for the New Year, taking into account the alert made by the president himself for the family Christmas celebrations, Marcelo did not want to comment specifically on this. But he reaffirmed the families need to “minimize risks” and be careful to keep the distance in family gatherings, appealing to “unfold” the groups.


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