Marcelo Adnet on Melhem’s accusations of harassment: “All support for the victims”


Marcelo Adnet was being charged for a position on the harassment charges against his former co-worker Marcius Melhem. On his Twitter, the comedian commented on the case and provided support to the victims.

“About the article by Mônica Bérgamo in Folha de S.Paulo: all my support and solidarity with the victims”, he wrote.

At the end of last year, Melhem was accused of harassment by the comedian Dani Calabresa, who was once married to Adnet. Before them, other actresses had already sought the direction of Globo to denounce the harassment.

The journalist published an interview with Mayra Cotta, a lawyer for the victims, and brought the case up again. According to the lawyer, the comedian locked the actresses in a room and kissed them hard by force.

In the networks, some famous people had already demonstrated. “Marcius Melhem! It was really strange his dismissal without sense … what a horrible thing ”, commented the actor José de Abreu. “Congratulations to Monica for the story, and all solidarity with the victims,” wrote Gregório Duviver on Twitter.

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