Marcelo D2 claims to be ‘disappointed’ with Rio and plans to move to California


It’s funny how hypocrisy comes up naturally …

Take the example of rapper and apologist for drugs, Marcelo D2.

He recently declared his willingness to live in California, USA.

The reason?

A “disappointment” with Rio de Janeiro.

“I am very disappointed. The politics of Rio slaughter the best of Rio, and that is making me very sad. Not that it was much better or worse, I was not a Switzerland for five or ten years, but over time I have been fighting this false war on drugs and nothing, it all leaves me in a place of hopelessness. I want to live in the middle of the woods, ”he said.

According to information, the trip to the USA is an old dream.

The funny thing is that the possibility of going to live in Cuba, Venezuela or Argentina didn’t even occur to D2…

I wonder why?

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