Marcelo says he “prefers a thousand times” to send Stayway Covid’s mandatory Constitutional to “drag controversy” – …


Doubts about a law requiring the use of the Stayaway Covid app in certain contexts (work, school and academic, in the Armed Forces and Security Forces and in the public administration as a whole) continue to increase, with several voices criticizing the Government initiative. Now, it is the President of the Republic who plans to send a possible law to that effect to the Constitutional Court.

António Costa: “I hate to be authoritarian, I don’t want to be authoritarian, but we have to control this pandemic”

“In a case where there are possibly doubts, not fully clarified, at the time of the parliamentary debate and regarding the parliamentary debate, I I prefer a thousand times to ask the Constitutional Court to clarify once and for all, to move forward with a decision that drags a controversy that will last for months and in which there may be different decisions, either administrative or from different courts.“, Said Marcelo on the sidelines of an online Solidarity Auction

It is “grotesque”, “unacceptable” and raises “serious questions”. Can the government force you to use the tracking app?

The proposed Government Law, which has already been submitted to Parliament, intends to establish the mandatory use of the application in the workplace or similar, school and academic context – for all those who have mobile phones that allow it – and non-compliance may, if the Assembly of the Republic legislate accordingly, giving rise to fines between 100 and 500 euros. The requirement must cover “in particular workers in public functions, employees and agents of the Public Administration, including the State, regional and local business sector, professionals from the Armed Forces and security forces”.


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