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In the country’s capital, concentration took place at Praça da República, and many of the protesters carried signs with phrases like “No to totalitarianism of thought” and “I am a teacher”. Paty went murdered after showing a caricature of Mohammed in a class on freedom of expression.

Protesters honor teacher beheaded in Paris

French police reported that at least 11 suspected of contributing to the attack Friday (16), family members of the man suspected of having committed the crime, killed during a police action after refusing to release a knife he took it in his hands.

The demonstration in Paris was authorized by the city, despite the more restrictive measures that the French capital started to adopt on Saturday to slow the advance of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, such as the implantation of a curfew after 9 pm.

‘I’m a teacher. I think of you, Samuel “, says a poster at one of the demonstrations in France in honor of a professor beheaded by an extremist – Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Journalists from “Charlie Hebdo”, whose newsroom was attacked in 2015 during the Paris attacks, are among the Saturday’s tribute organizers. Several political leaders confirmed their presence at the march, including members of President Emmanuel Macron’s party.

In Lille, 200 km from the French capital, hundreds gathered in the city center with posters and banners in the colors of France. On Saturday (17), a spontaneous demonstration took place in front of the school where the teacher taught in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 50 kilometers from Paris.

Demonstration in Lille, France, in honor of professor beheaded in Paris for extremist attack – Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Paty’s school and called the attack an Islamic terrorist attack.

“One of our countrymen was murdered because he taught his students about freedom of speech, freedom to believe or not to believe,” said Macron.

“It is no accident that it was a teacher that this terrorist killed,” said the French president. “Because he wanted to kill the republic in its values, the lights, the possibility of making our child citizens free.”

France’s National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation for “murder in connection with a terrorist endeavor” and “criminal terrorist association”.

‘I am Samuel’: Demonstration in Lille, France, in honor of a professor beheaded in Paris for an extremist attack – Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

According to the French police, the man who committed the crime was a Russian of 18 years old Chechen. The agents say they tried to arrest him after the attack, but he was aggressive, so it was necessary to open fire and kill him.

The attacker was a refugee and lived in the city of Evreux, northwest of Paris. Him was not known by the intelligence services, disse or promotor Jean-François Ricard.

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