Maria Rita appears with shaved hair: ‘I feel free’


Maria Rita radicalized the change of look. At 43, the singer shaved her hair and said she felt “free” now.

“I feel free and honestly I feel stronger than I ever understood myself to be,” wrote the artist in an Instagram post.

In an interview with Vogue Brasil, Maria Rita explained where the desire for change came from.

“What happened was that I wanted to see my virgin hair again. Since the album ‘Samba Meu’, in 2007, maybe a little earlier, I had been coloring my hair,” he said.

“I jokingly said to a friend of mine: ‘I want to see which man is going to support me now. I wasn’t that cute Mariazinha, right there. Now with short hair, the guy has to be very strong to hold this wave’. feeling great with that hair “, joked the singer.

Tomorrow Maria Rita will debut on stage with the new look. The singer will perform “Samba da Maria” in Rio de Janeiro, at 9 pm.


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