Mariana Goldfarb shows sweaty armpits and reflects: ‘Life has it’


Mariana Goldfarb drew the attention of followers on social networks after participating in live. She published a photo showing her sweaty armpits and reflected on people’s behavior.

“Talking about subjects such as image distortion, compulsion, dissociation, essence, self-knowledge and the lack of the latter has such a negative impact on people’s lives, makes me nervous,” said the model and presenter in the caption.

“The proof is there. Sweating with class and for a good cause. Life has that and the best thing is to know that I am not alone”, she concluded in sequence. In Instagram Stories, she reinforced that she usually sweats because of nervousness.

The photo received praise from fans in the Instagram comments. “Good to know that it is not just me who sweat so much,” said one of the followers. “Even your sweaty armpit is beautiful because you are a good person,” said another.

Yesterday, Mariana Goldfarb showed a sequence of photos with her husband, Cauã Reymond. In an Instagram post, she showed the records made during a trip to the UK in 2017.


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