Mariana Xavier reflects on self-love and declares herself to her boyfriend


Mariana Xavier used social media to talk about self-love and highlight her relationship with her boyfriend, Diego Braga. Using a photo in which she appears smiling next to the actor, she highlighted the importance of “peaceful love”.

“Finding someone with whom I felt truly free by being simple and totally I seemed farther than the realm of ‘So So Far’ (laughs),” said the actress of the current relationship.

Following the text, Mariana reflected on how she matured in relation to self-love. She says it is important to focus on undesirable situations within a relationship to seek learning.

“I thought about how many times I tried to squeeze myself to fit someone’s expectation, need or desire. The times when I canceled myself so as not to create conflict, when I begged affection in order to convince the person that he was wasting a great opportunity” .

“I don’t want to say that you will find love that matches your needs, but it is to remind you to never forget your size and the things you already know you don’t deserve and don’t have to go through,” concluded the actress.

The reflection of the actress earned praise in the comments of Instagram. “I needed to read this! Thanks,” said one of the followers. “I know so many people who need to understand this,” said another admirer.

Mariana Xavier usually appears with Diego in publications on social networks. In the last week, she shared a romantic click in which she poses with the actor. “When the photo triggers even me, I’m in it”, joked the actress about the photo.


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