Mariano becomes a farmer and shoots at Biel: ‘A lot of drugs he uses’


Sertanejo hinted after a pawn gave a defense speech to stay in reality citing a song by Racionais MC’s

Mariano is the new farmer of the week after winning a race that happened last night (14). After the dispute, the sertanejo made a comment about one of his competitors, Biel, who, incidentally, is already in the field.

The singer said he believed that the MC is a drug user because of his defense speech, in which he quoted a song by Racionais MC’s. Jojo Todynho was intrigued by the lyrics, and the sertanejo justified: “It is a lot of drugs that this boy uses”, he declared.

The successful interpreter “Camaro Amarelo” was in the room reporting how the dispute for the farmer’s test went when Jojo interrupted: “Guys, it’s not possible, I’m indignant now … I’m here remembering the lyrics of Mano Brown’s song, and it was surreal, “he said of Biel’s defense. “The deposition?” Asked Mariano, receiving an affirmative answer.

Biel sang a part of the song Jesus Chorou: “Money is good, I want to, that’s the question, but Dona Ana made me a man”. The passage in question classifies people interested in money as “whores”, but Lipe Ribeiro and Jakelyne Oliveira were left without understanding Jojo’s indignation.

The funkeira then asked if they knew the whole letter, and they said no. “But Dona Ana made me a man and not a whore,” added Jojo. “Is he calling us a whore?” He asked, since everyone is there with the goal of earning R $ 1.5 million.

“But when it came to talking whore, he didn’t,” recalled Raissa Barbosa, who was also in the conversation that took place in the living room. “Yes, he held the word because he cannot curse [no ao vivo]”, said Jojo.

Then the camera cut to the bedroom, showing the couple Biel and Tays Reis quickly and went back to the living room.


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