Mariano regrets fight with Biel in conversation with Lipe Ribeiro


Mariano and Lipe Ribeiro talked, this morning, about the confusion involving Biel that happened during the night in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV).

The two talked about the party that will take place at night, and the sertanejo said that he will try to be “very naughty” to avoid fights. At that moment, the subject of the discussion between him and Biel came up.

I’ve never had an enmity like that. Not in the artistic world, nor in life. There are people you don’t hit much and such, now enmity like that, of declared war, I never had. And this is too bad.

Lipe commented: “Yesterday he arrived too, pissed off, with the reaction of the crowd. But I think he will ask you to talk. You can’t stay in this atmosphere. because. But I’m not going to keep asking “.

The singer says he plans to talk more quietly with Biel. “When I go to talk to him, I will say: ‘Man, I apologized to you, you are in your right too, but old man, we will at least keep our education. Good morning, good afternoon, good night’. Like yesterday , I came to help him with the cows here, thanked him “, he said.

“You don’t have to be a best friend either,” said Lipe. Mariano then made a mea-culpa. “But it sucks, when it comes to anger we talk a lot of shit too”, he stressed. The influencer gave Biel reason on this point: “And I even understand him there, he arrived and no one received him properly, third garden, he must be put * for car ****”, he commented.

Mariano then made a criticism that seemed directed to Luiza Ambiel, who made the gossip about the countryman to Biel who was the trigger for the confusion during the night.

But like this: this is good to happen, Lipe, because it filters. Everything that people said about her on TV is true, everything that we were thinking is true, so there is education: good morning, good afternoon, good night and bye.


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