Mariano says he will sue Luiza Ambiel


Luiza Ambiel’s participation in the recording of “A Hora do Faro” gave us something to talk about this afternoon in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV). The content of the lines of the sixth eliminated from reality will only be known on Sunday, but the reaction among the pedestrians was of indignation.

In the living room, Mariano, Jake Oliveira and Jojo Todynho talked about the actress. “Oh dear, outside she put her chest to say what she didn’t say, what she wouldn’t have c * to say in here”, fired the funkeira.

Jake recalled that Luiza gave her and Mariano the “unbearable couple” sign. The sertanejo then said he will take action on the accusations made by the actress this week: she said the singer has a girlfriend outside the program.

I was going to speak, but I ended up forgetting: she is the protagonist, you know, I hope she is a woman, as she said she is a woman, I hope she is a woman to take responsibility for the charges she made here “.

“Processinho, right?” Asked Jojo. “I’m sure it will pop on the back,” said Mariano. “It is not for nothing that it is full of lawsuits”, completed the funkeira then.

Mateus Carrieri, who was in the room listening to the conversation, decided to comment. “She brags about it. She tells these stories, she brags and tells these stories of aggression, of this and that, of the process … Win one more,” explained the actor.

“If my lawyers say there is a case, I will sue,” concluded Jake.


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