Mariano vents with Tays Reis and Juliano Ceglia about Biel fight: ‘Sad’


Juliano Ceglia sought Mariano to talk about the discussion that the singer had with Biel, in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV).

The journalist said he was very upset with the way Luiza Ambiel discussed the matter with the funker, and Mariano agreed.

“This is good to happen, because it is sifting. I said nonsense yesterday, because I was nervous. We have to separate very well,” said the singer.

Tays Reis approached the pair to participate in the conversation.

“It has nothing to do with your friendship with Biel or Tata’s relationship with Biel with me. I like you so much ****. I was very sad to have fought with Biel, we had fun, I laughed, I made a wrong decision, I tried to redeem myself. I didn’t put him in the field, I didn’t throw Cartolouco in the field “, said Mariano.

“I think you’re so hot-headed, everyone’s crazy. Over time, it gets better,” said Tays.

“I wanted to talk, he heard me, I apologized to him, but he was thinking about the test. Then the guys showed me, and I forgot about the team, the probability of voting. I’m passive to error like everyone else. What left me more upset was that a guy who got so beaten with judgment, and I who defended so much, he did it the way it was, come live and talk about character, then I lost my mind too. Sad “, defended Mariano.

Juliano said he has tried to appease the situation, and the singer said she will have a new stance in reality. “When people are talking bad about Biel, I will leave. And if Biel is talking about someone, I will leave,” he said.

“Guys, it is a game, it is fair to vote. Nobody is fighting person to person. What I don’t think is cool and that Sté was upset, Luiza told him,” said Juliano.

The singer agreed and said that she is upset with Biel thinking that the journalist did well when making gossip.

Mariano countered. “In the beginning, Biel was closed with the four [JP Gadêlha, Cartolouco e Rodrigo Moraes]. The three left. Luiza was always putting the stick in him, and he in her. Now they are united. For me, Luiza died. “

They stated that Luiza tends to distort the stories, causing confusion among the participants, and that Biel and Mariano need to talk. “Chat from man to man. I didn’t think what you said yesterday was cool, but I was going to let it go and not go and gossip to Biel,” said Juliano.

“It is to ignite. The person is already stirred inside … One hour everyone will make mistakes. Every time we will make mistakes. It is a dispute of the dog’s ego”, analyzed Tays.

“Yes, how many people did not make the wrong decisions on the training day. It was the first time mine went straight. My head was to save Tays and Lidi. Out of nowhere, I found myself in the stall, and out of nowhere in the field. At the time of the decision of the race, the guy who was on my side is the most agile in the house. The animal is light. What I thought and my decision was not certain was in the race. I should have thought in the general context . I went humbly and apologized. Whether you accepted it or not … “, lamented Mariano.

“Yes, it is his right not to accept,” defended Tays.

“Yes, but it is not his right to arrive on national television and say that I had a lack of character. I made a mistake, assumed and tried to redeem myself. This is not a lack of character”, continued the singer, irritated. “What hurt me the most was that I have a 15-year career and I have never had enmity with other artists. I don’t like a person, ok. But war declared like that? I never did.”

“If one declares war, the other declares peace,” said the singer, asking him to give Biel time to calm down.

“If there is something I learned this month, it is to have a straight talk. Biel is a good kid, he has a big heart, he makes mistakes too. Everyone makes mistakes. Games are games and everything is fine”, said Juliano, agreeing with the singer.


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