Marvel may already have leaked the beginning of Spider-Man 3


Spider-Man: Far From Home, a film released last year, ends with a great tip: the identity of Peter Parker being revealed and being accused of being a criminal.

For now, rumors about Spider-Man 3 they seem not to fit so well with this cue, since all signs are pointing towards an exploration of the multiverse.

But it turns out that last year, along with Far from home, there was also the release of the film’s art book, which brings several moments that were left behind or discarded from the film.

Fans revisited this book and seem to have found an art that basically delivers what the beginning of the 3rd film will be, which is scheduled to open in December next year.

In art we accompany a fugitive Spider in New York, trying to escape the police, something that totally fits the end of Away from home and has great chances of being the beginning of the next film. Check it out below:

The likely start of Spider-Man 3!

Something like this has happened before. For example, in 2016, the art book by Captain America: Civil War, already brought an art of Baron Zemo with his uniform characteristic of comics, something that is not in the film but that will soon be seen in the series Hawk and Winter Soldier.

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First names caught in the filming of the film:

It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s real! Anyway 2020 brought some more optimistic news for film fans. Since even with many postponements in the releases, the filming of many films has returned and / or started in the last few months.

While Shang-Chi, Hawk and Winter Soldier e WandaVision returned to sets, Sony accelerated more than any sprinter superhero, and has already started filming Spider-Man 3. This shortly after they finished filming Tom Holland for Uncharted.

The boy is working like no one else, and the new MCU adventure began rolling out cameras in New York yesterday morning. While we wait for the first leaked photos, as well as confirmations in the cast and etc.

Here are the first reports about what the street eaters in NY saw there. All reports so far have ended with security taking them out kindly, but we know who was seen there. For now, no mention of any surprising names.

Only actors Jacob Batalon (Ned) and Zendaya (Michelle). Which is not surprising, since they are the main names of the supporting cast. And they can have an even greater participation in this new feature.

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Spider-Man 3 (not to be confused with Tobey Maguire’s 2007 film) is the working title of the sequel to Spider-Man: Far from Home. After an impasse between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, at the risk of going outside the MCU, the film was confirmed for July 2021.

However, all plans were changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Postponing the film to November 2021, and again: now scheduled for 17 of DECEMBER 2021.

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