Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series? Only in 2021


Bad news for those who wanted to play the optimized version of Marvel’s Avengers on a new generation console, the PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X / S, as its launch has been postponed to 2021. The Crystal Dynamics had plans to release that version over the next few weeks, but was forced to postpone its release until next year.

The studio explained that it made this decision to give its team time to improve the game in order to guarantee a new generation experience that matches the quality of the remaining Marvel’s Avengers. The studio also reveals that more details will be shared soon, about this improved version of the game.

The most impatient players will be able to play PS4 versions on PS5, and Xbox One versions on Xbox Series X / S. They will be entitled to optimizations for the new consoles, such as a frames more stable and faster loads. This is an opportunity to remember that the latest generation version of Marvel’s Avengers will be offered to all those who already own the game on current consoles.

The studio also took advantage of the announcement to apologize for the turbulent launch of the game, as a large number of players reported a large number of bugs and blockages.

“This in no way reflects Crystal Dynamics’ work values ​​and we apologize for that.”

Marvel’s Avengers for new generation consoles has been postponed to 2021

Digital packages will be made available to players “to thank them for being with us from the beginning”. From October 22 at 19h to November 5 at 18h, there will be:

  • Credits: 1,500 (enough to buy a Legendary Skin and Nameplate in the Store)
  • Units: 7,000
  • Improvement modules: 250
  • Genetic keys: 20
  • A nameplate with the image of Sarah Garza

For now, we can only wait for an exact release date for the improved version of the game.


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