Marvel’s Avengers | PS5 and Xbox Series X versions postponed to 2021


A Crystal Dynamics it’s at Square Enix announced that versions for the PS5 e Xbox Series X of Marvel’s Avengers will be launched in 2021. Players will still be able to claim a upgrade free for the superhero adventure when the ports next generation arrive, but now they will have to wait for the privilege until next year.

It was announced on the official website in a publication of “State of The Game” by Scott Amos, gives Crystal Dynamics, who reflected on the game’s tumultuous launch and how the studio plans to address the issues and concerns raised by players in recent months.

Although the next generation versions of the game have been postponed, the existing experience will be backwards compatible with the versions of the PS4 e Xbox One, where you’ll take advantage of new consoles with faster loading times and improved performance, although it doesn’t have the custom polish level that will arrive in 2021.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available for PS4, Xbox One e PC at the official store or at Steam.


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