Maternity sentenced to indemnify son of Elba Ramalho and Maurcio Mattar


(photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

Lu Yvys, 33 years old, son of Elba Ramalho e Maurcio Mattar, and his wife Amanda Mezkta sued Perinatal Maternity, in Rio de Janeiro, who was ordered to pay R $ 40,000 in compensation to the couple.

They entered Justice, as the medical center allowed Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank to use the service of a professional photographer to record Zyan’s birth in July this year.

They claim different treatment, since they were not allowed to do the same months before, at the birth of their daughter Esmeralda, on April 16, as the hospital was restricted in circulation at the site to avoid contagion of COVID-19.

“Lu and I decided to file a lawsuit against Perinatal due to the feeling of indignation and helplessness in the face of motherhood regarding the breach of the protocol they created,” State.

She said that the family is happy to have won the case in the first instance, but the case is still open and the maternity can appeal.

In a statement, the hospital said it plans to appeal the decision. “The legal department of the Perinatal Group informs that this is a first instance decision that I will appeal to, obeying all procedural requirements”.

“May this case serve as an example for other families who, like us, felt deeply disrespected by the position of motherhood, to seek the validation of their rights through justice”, reiterated Lu’s wife.


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