Mateus Carrieri admits discouragement for missing his daughters


Jakelyne Oliveira was surprised by Mateus Carrieri’s lack of spirits at the Memes party last night, and expressed his concern. The actor admitted his dejection because of his longing for his daughters, Anna Chiara, 13, and Francesca, 12, of their relationship with his ex-wife, Kelly.

“I’m kind of like these days, it’s over. I was fine, enjoying it, I just wasn’t in that euphoria,” said the actor.

“I miss the girls very much, I am very worried about them. For those who have children, it is very difficult. It is not just longing, it is the concern. I just cannot get euphoric at times,” he said.

“In conversation with Jojo in the kitchen, later, Mateus hugged his friend and vented:” I’m insulted “.” This old man is terrible “, joked the paoa.


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