Mauro Cezar says Heinze has ‘nothing so special’ to replace Luxa


Commentator Mauro Cezar questioned the desire of Palmeiras fans to see Argentine Gabriel Heinze in place of Vanderlei Luxemburgo – fired after the 3-1 defeat by Coritiba, at Allianz Parque, for the Brazilian Championship.

In yesterday’s “Linha de Passe”, the ESPN commentator advised the Palestra Itália team to act quickly, as they still “have a lot to do in the season”. In relation to Heinze, the journalist questioned the Argentine “promising” and compared him to Eduardo Coudet, from Internacional. For Mauro Cezar, the coach “is nothing so special”.

“Heinze was a player who played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, in big clubs, but as a coach he has a very short history. I have doubts about him. He coached Argentinos Juniors, did a good job for the standard of the team, then he went to Vélez, who is a rival, had a reasonable campaign and even lost next year’s Libertadores to Argentinos Junior “, analyzed Mauro Cezar.

“It is nothing so special, but he is a coach seen in Argentina as promising. He is different, for example, from Eduardo Coudet, who was an Argentine champion, played for Racing, played a Libertadores Cup very well for Rosario Central. He already had one slightly longer trajectory “, he added.

Regarding Miguel Ángel Ramires, coach of Independiente de Valle, the commentator questioned the Spaniard’s ability to withstand the pressure from the pressure.

“Miguel Ángel Ramires himself, who is always talked about a lot, is a young coach who has an experience, which is Independiente del Valle, a small club and has a great team for his possibilities. Palmeiras are very big. can he handle the pressure? This choice has to be made very well. If you are a foreigner, you have to race against time. The situation is not simple “, he said.

Mauro Cezar also pointed out that, despite being more distant from the Brazilian title, Alviverde can still aim for good things in the season. Palmeiras is in seventh place, with 22 points. The leader Atlético-MG has 31.

“Time is already lost, but there are two competitions that Palmeiras dispute. There is a time for someone to organize the team minimally. You have to try. And in the Brazilian, there is a lot of game. The title is difficult, but you have to look at least a good placement. There’s a lot to do in the season. The cast is good, the boys are promising. The human material is very interesting, Palmeiras has a great cast “, he evaluated.

Palmeiras returns to the field on Sunday, at 21.30, to face Fortaleza in Castelão (CE) for the 17th round.


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