Mauro: Dome may need to manage better, the player here likes to mess – 10/10/2020


Flamengo has not counted on striker Gabigol, their main scorer last season, who is out of action due to an ankle injury, but the absence has been supplied by the performances of Pedro, who has scored six goals in the last five games of the red-black team. The defending champion returns to the field today (10), at 17h, to face Vasco, in São Januário, for the Brasileirão.

No podcast Ball Possession # 63, Arnaldo Ribeiro says that the coach Domènec Torrent will have work to escalate its starters when Gabigol is again in playing conditions.

“Interestingly, when Pedro starts to have chances, score goals, Bruno Henrique was far behind, had a thousand physical problems and had not played well this year yet. Gabigol, even though not the same as in 2019, he was being I thought they could play Pedro and Gabigol together, not take Gabigol away “, says Arnaldo.

“I find it very difficult to play the three together, only on some exceptional occasions, against some opponents, but I think that there depends a lot on the time when Domenec and his assistants live with Gabigol. I still think it is silly to put Gabigol on the bench, both in relation to the technical question and in relation to the question of behavior “, he completes.

Mauro Cezar Pereira says he believes that the start of the Copa do Brasil and the short time between games will mean that the coach needs to take turns with his starting team, but with some care in approaching some players to avoid discontent, like Gabigol’s against the Fortress.

“What Domènec will have to do is maybe manage the issue better, for example, now I will spare Pedro, now I will spare Gabriel. In some games, maybe he will have to talk to Gabriel or he will have to not put it in the bank when saving, he’ll have to manage it better “, says Mauro Cezar.

“Or talk to the guy and say, ‘man, you’re going to stay on the bench, but you’re my holder’. I also think that maybe it’s a case of a lack of understanding of how things are here. The player in Brazil likes to be pampered, you have to have a little coffee “, he concludes.

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