May not get to the “Farm” final


To put it mildly, there has been a storm around “The Farm” in the last week, after the participants were caught for serious violations.

Breaking the rules in itself is not a new phenomenon in the reality landscape, but this time the entire production was put in danger, as a result of the corona situation and the risk of infection.

Earlier this week we saw that the participant Nils Kvalvik (39) had to leave the farm as a consequence of it all. This was the first time in the program’s history that a participant has had to withdraw on the basis of behavior.

Full chaos in the “Farm” scenery: – Dritings

– Unfair

As if this was not a consequence enough, Kvalvik tells Se og Hør that he will not be allowed to be present when the final takes place later this year.

WENT HOME: Nils Kvalvik made the choice to return home from “The Farm”. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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– Several of the other participants thought it was unfair that I was not allowed to be there, considering how I left the farm, he says, and continues:

– But I respect the decision of the production, and think it is inside. I do not bear any grudge.

Thrown out of

Thrown out of “The Farm”: – Reprehensible

This is because when participants choose to leave the farm, ie withdraw from the competition, they lose the opportunity to be present at the final. Kvalvik was not aware of this in advance, but says that it would not have influenced his decision.

– I would have gone home anyway. It’s weird of course, and I would love to be there with them, but I understand that’s it.

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Press officer for “Farmen” on TV 2, Alex Iversen, explains the production’s decision in the following way:

– When the other participants return to the final, they are involved in deciding who wins the “Farm”, among other things by giving them an extra final knife.

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– If you withdraw from the game, you have also given up that opportunity, he says to Se og Hør.


The “farm” noise: – Wanted to expose me

Message of death

Kvalvik told Se og Hør on Wednesday that there was more behind the decision than the TV viewers might have been impressed by. During the time on the farm, the 39-year-old lost his uncle, but was given permission by the production to attend the funeral.

Afterwards, thoughts began to swirl, and since another member of the family is in poor health, he had to think carefully about whether he actually wanted to return to the farm after the funeral.

– I did not know if I was ready to tackle another death message in there, he told frankly about the situation.

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This naturally made it easier to withdraw from the competition, which many also understand afterwards.

– Several write that «you may not have won« The Farm », but you have won our hearts». It’s hot and then I feel like I have done something right in there, he said about the response after the decision.

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