Mayra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar are caught strolling together


Last Saturday (17), Mayra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar were caught walking together at Shopping Iguatemi Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo.

The photo was shared by Gossip of the Day gossip Instagram.

The two, who are Sophia’s parents, a year old, had a controversial break-up. The life coach even talked on social media that Arthur was unfaithful and abusive during the wedding.

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Mayra Cardi reveals that daughter has undiscovered health problem

On the night of last Thursday (15), Mayra Cardi told on video on her Instagram that she spent the day in the hospital. However, the problem has nothing to do with her, but with her daughter Sophia, 1 year old, the result of her relationship with Arthur Aguiar.

“I’m done, I spent the day in the hospital. Tomorrow I can tell you, but basically, Sophia has something that we still don’t know what it is since she was little. I know these things that mom knows, in fact, I even suspect , but I need a diagnosis, “she said.

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Mayra suspects that it may have been something related to the fact that she took corticosteroids in late pregnancy due to an allergy, but will still await a diagnosis.

“Because of my allergy I was told to take medicine, but I was extremely against it, I didn’t want to. But my allergy was getting worse, getting worse. And I had to take corticosteroids during pregnancy for 30 days. Well when I was seven months to eight, which is when the baby’s intestine starts to form ”, he recalled.

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