Mayra Cardi orders a $ 300,000 gift for her daughter to be built


Sophia Cardi Aguiar turns 2 next Tuesday (10/20) and will win a super present from mom Mayra Cardi. The fitness coach had a daughter built for her. “I spent more than R $ 300 thousand. It’s like Disneyland, with several houses, school, beauty salon, petshop… ”, she said in conversation with the column.

In addition to the gift, the little girl’s birthday will also be celebrated with a party for family members this Sunday (10/18). “There are only people from the family, my family and, obviously, Arthur’s family. Only for the most intimate, even because of the coronavirus, it could not do otherwise ”, said Mayra.

In an interview with Tô Na Pan, Mayra said that she doesn’t offer anything she doesn’t eat for her guests. That is, soda does not enter your home. So, probably, the menu of Sophia’s party should be similar to that of her 1st birthday, which included only foods without lactose, gluten and sugar.


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