Mayra Cardi says she spent the day in hospital because of her daughter’s health problem – 10/16/2020


Mayra Card claims to have spent the whole of yesterday in a hospital. The former BBB and fitness coach published videos on social networks explaining that her daughter, Sophia, 2 years old, has an undiagnosed disease, which impairs the functioning of the intestine.

“I’m finished. I spent the day at the hospital. Sophia has something that we don’t know very well what it is, since we were little. In fact, I suspect, but we need a diagnosis,” said Mayra, in videos posted at the function Instagram stories.

The fitness coach says she believes the problems arose because of drug treatments when she was pregnant: corticosteroids, to deal with an allergy, and antibiotics, because of an infection.

Mayia’s daughter Sophia with Arthur Aguiar must undergo a battery of tests to try to find out what the health problem is.


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