Mayra Cardi shows R $ 5,000 chandeliers but complains about the electricity bill


Mayra Cardi showed that it is not easy to maintain a 10,000 m² mansion when she complained about the expense of electricity in her house, last night.

The businesswoman spoke of the difficulty to control her finances when she complained about the price of electricity, joking that she will ban the use of lamps in the mansion.

“The electricity bill, my love. I will have to sell a kidney to pay, because there is light in this place. No, I will stay here in the dark. We will count on the sunlight that enters the house and during the a lantern at night, starting today “, she quipped in her Instagram stories.

Despite the complaints, shortly afterwards, the former “BBB” exhibited her pair of chandeliers in the mansion’s living room, taking advantage of the delivery of her new sofa to show more details of the decoration, with each unit being sold for almost R $ 5,000 in the site identified by Mayra.

“Gigantic new tufted sofa arrived, then I show for you. Speaking of which, I’ve been getting a lot of requests about my chandelier. You knew that chandelier is six feet tall, right? The house is very big and there is no for make sense of us stories. He needed a scaffold to put these two chandeliers “, he detailed.

Luster de Mayra Cardi is available in store for just under R $ 5,000

Image: Playback / Internet

Mayra also thanked her team for helping her pay her bills, after regretting “being swallowed by the day”, without time to take care of the administrative part of her mansion in São Paulo.

“Guys, I’m going to talk for you guys, I’m glad I have a team times, amazing people, that I can count on. Because it’s so much for pay, so much to do: Pay the man for this, the man for that, pay, pay, pay, pay. I needed to find someone for pay the bills for me, other than me. So now I received a wonderful audio: ‘They passed me to pay for their light, they passed me to pay for whatever, and I paid,’ “she said.

According to the coach, several of the professionals on her team receive money in their accounts to help her pay the receipts.

“Obviously the money is mine, but I have an angel who pays for me, actually I have several angels who pay for things. I put money in people’s accounts and sometimes they pay for me. Thanks to God, in the name of Jesus I have you in my life “, completed.


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