Mayra Cardi spends the day at the hospital and says her daughter has an undisclosed health problem – Who


Mayra Cardi (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Mayra Cardi told on video on his Instagram last Thursday (15) that he spent the day in the hospital. According to the coach, the daughter, Sophia, 1 year and 11 months, from his marriage to Arthur Aguiar, who has been separated since May, has a health problem that has not yet been discovered.

“I’m done, I spent the day at the hospital. Tomorrow I can tell you right, but basically, Sophia has something that we still don’t know what it is since she was little. I know these things that mom knows, in fact, I even suspect , but I need a diagnosis “, she said, who reported that her daughter suffered a lot of pain.

Mayra believes that her daughter’s health problem may be because she had to take corticosteroids during pregnancy, because she had a severe allergy when she was seven months old. “Because of my allergy they told me to take medicine, but I was extremely against it, I didn’t want to. But my allergy was getting worse, getting worse. And I had to take corticosteroids during pregnancy for 30 days. Well when I was seven months to eight, which is when the baby’s intestine starts to form. After that episode I also had to take medicine when she was born, because I had a problem that opened my surgery “, he added.


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