MC Mirella apologizes to Lipe for fights in reality


After apologizing to Jojo Todynho and taking on a reckoning meeting with Raissa Barbosa, MC Mirella spoke to Lipe Ribeiro during the “Memes” party, from “A Fazenda 2020”, and also asked the pawn for forgiveness for the fights within the reality show RecordTV.

Lipe, I spoke to Stéfani today ‘man, I was hating Lipe and angry at the boy’, but today I’m fine. You took the initiative to talk to me. It’s a game, but we have a life outside. This R $ 1.5 million is not going to buy us. It’s what it has to be “.

Lipe was surprised by the funkeira’s statement and says he is fine because he is not a spiteful person.

“My father always taught me ‘you don’t have to put your head on the pillow and sleep peacefully that no money in the world will buy’. In the farmer’s test, I could have shot myself in the foot and be eliminated. I could be the farmer, that’s cool, but I could get one of the best friends out of here. It wouldn’t be okay, “she said.

I don’t know if you’re going to be pissed or not, but understand. From Raissa, put yourself in her shoes, I suffer the same. She had reason and emotion and I saw you that week was unbearable. I told her that ‘sometimes, I think you were wrong because Mirella supported you in the most difficult moments here’. I don’t hold a grudge against anything “.

Mirella did not hide the joy of being talking to the businessman and said she was prepared if he and his friends decide to put her on the eighth garden of “A Fazenda 12”.

I was very happy that you helped me with the animals and that you talked to me. That zeroed, seriously. I thought you weren’t going to look me in the face or talk to me anymore. Really, if you’re going to vote for me, I’m ready. But forgive me from the bottom of my heart and I regret it “.

“I don’t hold a grudge against anything. Forget it”, finished Lipe.


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