MC Toy makes mysterious post and fans worry about mental health


After spending time away from social media, Vinicius Ricardo de Santos Moura, better known as MC Toy, returned to social media and left fans worried about his mental health. On Wednesday night (10/28), the funkeiro deleted all Instagram posts and published a mysterious image, with the caption “Enjoy life, every moment”.

Soon after the repercussion, the funky MC MC Lad Laden tried to reassure his followers. “Guys, calm Mc Toy is fine. I chatted with him. Soon less he releases news for you ”, he wrote, deleting the post minutes later.

Subsequently, Toy published a new text, in which he reflected on life and said that he just needed to “feel a hug and hear an I love you”.

“I’m here and I don’t even know where to start… I saw life end up close, but today I heard that there is a trampoline at the bottom of the well and that I’m only going up here… Many people talk about taking care of others, taking care of themselves, I took care of myself and wanted to improve, but the people who say about life are the ones who laugh at others, not be that person, be like the light that I saw today and made me want to live, be light in the life of others ” he started.


“Don’t fight, hug, I wish I could have a hug now, but I’m still thinking about life. I know I already made you laugh, I already made you curious, I already did something to you, today I want to make you feel that you will never forget me there, I know it can be difficult there too, but remember don’t be moved by anyone , please you who are light do not change, life is crazy and sometimes it is not fair. And if I have a request for you, this is it: hug your mother, your father, your friend now and if you can’t hug, say you love him, do it for you and if it’s not for you, it’s for me, I just wish I could feel a hug and hear an I love you ”, finished.


Last month, after undergoing facial harmonization and putting lenses on his teeth, MC Toy was the target of haters. The criticisms were aimed at her appearance and even compared her to that of presenter Jessica Alves, who was once known as Ken Humano, famous for his dozens of plastic surgeries.

“No winner believes in chance. I always smiled, I never stopped smiling, but I was always ashamed of my teeth, of smiling in the surroundings, even though it is not in front of anything, what matters is that you are you, and today I am here with an HB20 car in the mouth, with white corrective teeth, ”he posted at the time.


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