Medical Journal – First local infection with West Nile virus detected in the Netherlands


First local infection with West Nile virus detected in the Netherlands

A Dutchman was diagnosed with an West Nile virus infection, without having traveled abroad, the first contagion of this type contracted in the Netherlands, the country’s Institute of Public Health (RIVM) confirmed yesterday.

Until now, the contagions diagnosed in humans had been contracted abroad, but the RIVM confirms that last week, they detected the West Nile virus in a man, of unspecified age, who would have been infected in the Utrecht region through the bite of a mosquito.

Last August, authorities detected the local presence of the virus for the first time in birds and mosquitoes in Utrecht, and it is these that have now begun to spread among humans, although RIVM ensures that the climate change of the past few weeks and the end of the The mosquito season minimizes the possibility of contracting the virus.

People and horses are mainly those who contract the virus through mosquito bites, but they are not a source of spread.

About 80% of people who contracted West Nile virus generally have no symptoms, while 20% have mild symptoms, such as fever or flu, and a small percentage develop severe neurological problems, such as encephalitis, or other symptoms that can lead to death.

The West Nile virus has spread in recent years to much of the world, with a recent presence in southern Europe, although it has also been located in Central Europe and was expected to reach regions in Western Europe, which is confirmed by this case.


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