meet Carlos Samuel, filmed punching a woman in the face


Carlos Samuel Freitas Costa Filho, 33, caught beating a woman with punches to the face in Ilhéus, in southern Bahia, has a very violent record, with a series of accusations of aggression against women, including ex-girlfriends and family, like the mother herself, who would have been kept in private prison and a victim of financial extortion.

In total, the aggressor is responsible for 10 crimes of violence against women – aggression in Ilhéus would be the 11th record – according to a survey by the Civil Police of Bahia (PCBA). The Special Police Department for Women (Deam) in Ilhéus initiated searches against the accused.

Video that went viral this Wednesday (10/14) on social networks shows Carlos Samuel, in a tank top, throwing several punches against the woman. Before being assaulted, the victim told the man “it’s over” and asked him to leave. After beating her to the point that she falls to the ground, he walks away. Watch:

A person who was close to Carlos Samuel claimed, in conversation with the Metropolises, that “his story is very ugly”. “Carlos Samuel is very bad,” said the acquaintance.

According to her, the mother of the aggressor, 58, is the one who suffers the most. The woman was reportedly kept in private prison by the accused. In addition, in another case, Carlos’ mother accused him of extorting her by making death threats. According to a report by the aggressor’s mother at the police station, made in 2017, he would have forced her to raise R $ 3.7 thousand from a loan shark.

The episode came after Carlos Samuel was released from prison – he had been sentenced to a year in jail after assaulting his then partner, but the prison was converted into community service.

A relative also told the Metropolises who left Carlos Samuel’s family after developing panic syndrome because of problems caused by episodes of violence. The person, who chose not to identify himself, said he was deeply ashamed of the situation.

The aggressor’s father is Carlos Samuel Freitas Costa, known as Carlinhos Freitas. He was secretary of Urban Services in the city and tried twice, in 2012 and 2016, to be a councilor, but did not win the necessary votes. The politician even declared more than R $ 630 thousand in goods in the period. This year, the man has supported the candidacy of Cacá Colchões (PP-BA) for mayor of the municipality.

In a note, the Special Police Department for Women (Deam) in Ilheus said it had started investigating the aggression recorded on video. A police report was opened, even without the victim’s prior appearance, as it is an unconditional public criminal action.

The unit’s teams are taking steps to locate the author. “The victim must also go to the specialist to provide clarification about the episode and receive the guides for exams of bodily injury”, concluded the Civil Police of Bahia, in a press release.


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