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Immortals Fenyx Rising is an adventure game from Ubisoft that will be released in December 2020 – Photo: Disclosure / Ubisoft

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Formerly called “Gods & Monsters”, Immortals Fenyx Rising is from the same producers as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. According to the official synopsis, the player controls “Fenyx”. The protagonist is customizable and can be a demigod or demigod who has the mission of saving the Greek gods and their home from a curse.

According to Scott Phillips, director of Immortals Fenyx Rising, the beginning of the plot shows Fenyx meeting Hermes, one of the few remaining gods of Olympus. He says he heard a prophecy saying that only Fenyx can save the Greek gods and face Typhon, the deadliest titan in mythology.

The game has a third person camera and mixes elements of adventure, action and RPG. The fighting is frantic and it is possible to use weapons such as axes, swords and bows and arrows. Among the enemies scattered throughout the scenarios are mythological beasts such as cyclops, harpies and hecatonchers.

The Golden Island, named after the world in which Immortals Fenyx Rising takes place, is divided into several different regions. In the exploration you can also find puzzles, challenges, cosmetic items and new weapons, in addition to learning new powers and skills.

The Fenyx character is completely customizable, with eyes, hair, skin color and gender being among the elements that can be chosen. In the first presentation videos, the scenarios, battles and exploration draw a lot of attention due to the similarity with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Despite this, Ubisoft’s promise is that the game has a very large and vertical open world, to be explored in the smallest details.

In Brazil, the game is already in pre-sale. The standard version for the PlayStation 4 costs R $ 279.90, while the Gold Edition costs R $ 414.90, both in the PlayStation Store. For Xbox One, the game is priced at $ 279.95 (standard edition) and $ 412.45 (Gold Edition) in the Microsoft Store. Epic Games and Uplay are being charged R $ 249.90 (standard edition) and R $ 349.99 (Gold Edition).


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