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After a confrontation between spies, the waters of Atlantis devastated the world of Fortnite, modifying the entire game and adding new dangers to players. Several weeks of adventures later, everything was finally at peace and returning to normal… But wait! What is that in heaven?

Nobody expected an entire season dedicated to crossover with Marvel, however, that’s exactly what happened. Galactus, one of the publisher’s greatest cosmic threats, emerges as the great antagonist of this story, which seems to have come straight out of a comic.

In this fourth season of Fortnite, The World Eater approaches to decimate everything, but luckily, Thor came to thwart the enemy’s plans. For this almost impossible mission, The Thunder God decided to recruit some powerful allies. Iron Man, Storm, Hulk Woman, Doctor Fate, Mystic, Wolverine e Big they answered the call and fell flat on this chaotic adventure, to the delight of the publisher’s players and fans.

All based on Marvel, this Fortnite season brings countless themed rewards on Battle Pass. All the heroes mentioned above are skins special which can be unlocked as you level up and complete the game’s missions.

It does not stop there! Each hero has an alternate look, special emotes that change their appearance in the game – such as the transformation of Jennifer into a Hulk, Tony Stark wearing her armor or Mystique taking on the identity of another character -, collection tools, hang gliding and accessories for the back (including the special participation of the Rocky Racum).

Thinking little and want more Marvel characters in the game? Well, you can always buy new skins at store. In addition to the return of some publisher skins, such as the captain America, we had the surprise launch of Blade, who arrived with a complete kit that includes all the character’s special accessories.

In addition, Fortnite announced that the demolisher is coming for this crossover. The Fearless Man will be a championship reward Marvel’s Knockout Superseries to thes four best teams from each region. Don’t you trust your skills? Calm! You can still have the hero skin, as it will also be available in the store, arriving on a date after the championship.

Speaking of Marvel’s Knockout Superseries, the final reward of this challenge is a prize that adds a million dollars, a prize that will be awarded to the winner of the final tournament November 21st.

But what is this Marvel knockout? It is one of the novelties that arrived in the game this season. If you are tired of fighting for survival using the weapons available in the game, you can play in the knockout or Marvel showdown.

In Marvel’s knockout, two pairs face off in one direct clash, struggling to prove his worth in the game. The Marvel Showdown is the mode focused on goal dispute, putting two teams in a fight for control of special points spread across the map.

The great news is that in these modes you fight only with special powers of Marvel characters to fight their opponents. Use Wolverine’s sharp claws, Thor’s rays, Groot’s protective sphere, Iron Man’s energy shots or Doctor Doom’s magic … There are countless different skills and more options will be added as the season progresses.

Fortnite fans already know that a new season means exploring various changes across the map. And this time the crossover with Marvel brought a lot of cool things to the players.

Right away, when you’re waiting for the bus, you’re in the Aircraft carrier gives S.H.I.E.L.D. On departure, you can see thes quinjets organization that landed on the map and face robots from Tony Stark who are transporting special equipment.

It is also possible to visit the Sentinels that have been destroyed by Wolverine, know the monument dedicated to Black Panther and walk around the lab Iron Man. Halfway there you can see the Ant Man which is abnormally large, visit the Hulk Woman or see where the hammer’s Thor dropped down.

As the season progresses new challenges are added by the game, as well as new locations for you to explore. But take it easy, after all not all places are safe. Tony Stark will not tolerate invaders in your laboratory, the Doctor Doom is out of patience for visitors to his kingdom and a Wolverine savage is roaming the map, attacking anyone who gets too close.

There is still a lot coming this season that is far from over. Want to be part of this insane crossover? Fortnite is available for free at PlayStation Store! Play in special modes, unlock hero skins in the battle pass and have fun with your friends exploring this story.

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