Mexican Nobel Prize winner Mario Molina dies at 77 | World


In 1995, Molina became the first – and until now the only – Mexican to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Together with Dutchman Paul J. Crutzen and American Frank Sherwood Rowland, Molina won the award for his role in elucidating the threats to the Earth’s ozone layer caused in part by chlorine, bromine and carbon dioxide gases.

“I deeply regret the passing of Dr. Mario Molina Henriquez, a Mexican Nobel Prize winner, a committed and capable scientist. A caring embrace to his family and friends. Rest in peace,” wrote the Mexican Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, in his Twitter account.

The research by Molina, who was born in Mexico on March 19, 1943, led to the drafting of the Montreal Protocol of the United Nations (UN), the first international treaty that effectively addressed an environmental problem on a global scale.

“Dr. Mario Molina is becoming an exemplary Mexican, who dedicated his life to researching and working for the protection of our environment. He will always be remembered with pride and thanks,” said the Mario Molina Center, an association created to continue its work.

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