Microsoft announces old games that will work on the new Xbox Series X and S


In recent years, one of the biggest complaints from console users has been the same in several competitors: the lack of backward compatibility between consoles, something that was never acceptable to users. However, with the arrival of the new generation of consoles, manufacturers have finally listened to consumers and have already announced that there will be the possibility to play games from previous generations on the new console.

Both Sony and Microsoft have already announced that this will happen, although it has not yet been clear what games will be available. But, Microsoft has just taken the first step in this direction and takes a big stab at Sony.

Microsoft has already clarified how backward compatibility will work on Xbox X Series and S Series, and the news couldn’t be better: almost all games that run on Xbox One – including Xbox and Xbox 360 titles – will work on new consoles. on launch day, confirmed by Xbox Director Jason Ronald on Twitter.

The only exceptions are titles that require Kinect. These games will always be at risk, since the motion sensor peripheral, which debuted 10 years ago, will not work with the X and S Series, and there is no information that there will be a similar peripheral for the new generation.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer wrote in July that his team intended that “all Xbox One games that do not require Kinect would be available to play on the Xbox Series X at console launch” – he said this before Microsoft confirmed that had a second new console up its sleeve. The company invested more than 500,000 hours in game testing to ensure that older games would run on the next systems.

So while Ronald’s confirmation of backward compatibility isn’t very surprising, it’s nice to know that Xbox Series X and S owners can use all of their Xbox One games as soon as they purchase the new consoles. As such, players will have access to thousands of games, old and new, when purchasing the new console, and they will not necessarily have to invest in new games in order to enjoy the new experience.

For greater transparency, Microsoft has published a list of titles that will be backwards compatible in the X and S Series. All older games should run better in the X and S Series as well.

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Want to know more news? See our Suggestions below


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