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A Microsoft announced on Tuesday 20 the launch of the program “More Brazil”. The objective of the initiative, according to the company, is to promote the country’s growth in an inclusive and sustainable manner through technology, working on three different fronts: expansion of information services cloud computing; training of up to 5.5 million workers; it’s at protection of the Amazon rainforest through artificial intelligence (AI) resources.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to supporting an inclusive economic recovery in Brazil,” says president of Microsoft Brazil, Tânia Consentino. “With investments in qualification, the expansion of our cloud infrastructure and the commitment to support sustainable initiatives that preserve the diverse Brazilian ecosystem, we intend to promote more innovation and growth in the country.”

On Tuesday, 20, Microsoft announced the “More Brazil” program, focusing on the country’s economic and sustainable development

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Regarding the offer of its cloud services, Microsoft plans to increase its infrastructure network, creating a new data center – physical location that stores data for companies and individuals – in the Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Until then, Sao Paulo (SP) was the only city with a company data center in Brazil.

With this addition of one more point for data storage and distribution, Microsoft will have more capacity to offer its main cloud services, such as software for data processing Power Platform and the AI-based application development program Azure, to more companies. Today, 25 thousand Brazilian companies use these services.

On the second front of the “Mais Brasil” initiative, Microsoft partnered with Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness (Sepec) do Ministry of Economy to introduce 20 courses developed by the company, covering topics from digital literacy to cloud computing and AI, on the “Worker School 4.0“, created by the federal government. The perspective is that 5.5 million Brazilians will be trained by 2023.

The last pillar of the new program focuses on the sustainability and protection of the Amazon rainforest. Microsoft has entered into partnerships with mining company Vale it’s at ONG Imazon to offer AI resources that enable the prior identification of fires and deforestation actions, using mathematical models and data from satellite images.

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