Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series S will sell more than the X Series! Leak


Many analysts are waiting to see an Xbox Series S (299 €) dominating the new generation console market! And apparently, it is a theory that Microsoft approves, since Phil Spencer himself has already come out to say that he really thinks his Low-Cost console will impress strong and ugly in the market.

Something interesting, but also a little worrying for the industry … After all, the Xbox Series S is much weaker than the rest of the new generation consoles! As such, it could serve as an anchor for the development of multiplatform games for the coming years.

Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series S will sell more than the X Series!

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So, will Microsoft’s budget experience be a success? In the end, both the players and the studios have already shown themselves to be concerned … Which of course, has led very good people to wonder if the console will even be able to sell a decent number of units.

However, in a recent interview, the Microsoft Xbox project boss (Phil Spencer) revealed that he is expecting the Xbox Series S to sell significantly more units than the more powerful (and more expensive) Xbox Series X. Now leia:

“I think that we will sell all the units that we manage to put on the market by the end of the year. It is very likely that demand will be much greater than supply, for us and Sony. Who will decide the market this Christmas is really the production and the ability to take the consoles to the shelves. Still, I believe the price still weighs a lot, and as such, I think the Series S is going to sell more. ”

Phil Spencer says the Xbox Series S will not limit the console world in any way!

The head of Microsoft’s gaming effort believes the Xbox Series S limits absolutely nothing. However, he admits that having two different machines for the same game presents some difficulties for devs.

Personally, I believe that we will have limited games during the life cycle of this generation. After all, the cuts on the Xbox Series S were not only made on the GPU, but also on the RAM … And that ends up making some difference in the work of the studios.

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