Microsoft installs an Office suite on Windows 10 without user authorization


There is more to the long line of surprise updates than Microsoft is launching for the Windows 10. Everyone who uses the computer exclusively for work should be careful, as many users are reporting that they were surprised to see that Windows 10 on their computer, after restarting without asking for their consent, started with a package from Office installed online, without being requested by the user.

And that worries users with a standard version of the productivity package. Until then, installing these applications has always been optional, but Microsoft has no time to waste with negotiations, and has decided to install at its own risk.

The Verge folks showed a version of Microsoft Office Online was installed on their PC. However, don’t expect it to be the application itself, as they are only links that point to the online version, which although free is very limited, and whose main objective is that users purchase a full, paid version.

Office package appears installed on Windows 10 without user authorization

These updates alone are not a threat. However, Microsoft does not have the right to install anything on your, and mine, PC without our consent. And this is far from the first time that it has happened, since in the past it did the same with Antivirus, more recently it did with Microsoft Edge and now with a version of Office.

For now, we can only wait for Microsoft’s justification, as it has so far made no comment on the matter.

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