Microsoft prepares a major revolution in Windows 10


Microsoft wants to make a real revolution in the Windows 10 Start Menu, Action Center and File Explorer. But there is much more to change. This is based on several references that were found in the preview versions of Windows 10. Also in internal documents and industry sources. But what will change in the popular interface of the world’s best-known operating system?

Microsoft prepares a major revolution in Windows 10

If you have followed the development of Windows in recent years, then you have noticed changes in terms of design. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced “Metro Design” which was taken to other services. Then this style gave rise to Fluent Design.

The references found in the internal documents reveal that the next step in the evolution of Windows 10 is an update to Fluent Design.

It does not mean that everything will change. Still, the improvements will be significant.

The Windows 10 Start Menu, Action Center and File Explorer will have news. In the case of the latter it does not mean that it is a new File Explorer. But with many changes, it will be for sure!

Microsoft Windows 10 revolution

In addition, we should also have improvements in the context menus, hamburger menu, in the application bar, task bar and other details.

However, some inconsistencies that may appear in the main areas of the operating system will also be resolved.

We will also have improvements in animations and transitions. This should also be joined by more rounded corners in the windows.

That said, the question you must have already asked yourself. When does this get to Windows 10?

The indications we have are that they should appear at the end of 2021. This for the general public. Insiders should receive it right after the summer.

Fluent Design was announced in 2017 with the aim of giving Windows 10 and other Microsoft products a new look. However, the differences have not been significant so far. In addition, Windows 10 has a consistency problem. That said, there are many components that have not been modernized.

So we will have a real revolution in many details of the operating system. Will it change everything? No. But what changes will be significant!

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