Microsoft wants to help users keep Windows 10 fast


In constant improvement, Windows 10 is constantly receiving news that make it even better and more efficient. These are developed and tested by Microsoft to be incorporated into periodic updates.

The most recent came up with one of the most recent buids of this system, and it accounts for an important improvement to help users keep Windows fast. Apps that start up are now more controlled and monitored.

Manage apps for a fast system

One of the problems with Windows 10 performance is associated with apps that start up with the system. These weigh on the system and are not always used by users immediately. Thus, they are consuming resources that could be used in other processes.

Of course, users are not always aware of these apps, which are silently placed at startup. This is a process that is often part of installing these apps, to ensure some prominence and a more direct and simple access.

Windows 10 Microsoft apps fast users

Windows 10 will have alerts for new apps

Microsoft has always tried to show users this problem, but it did not have a direct way to do so. Only the impact of these apps on startup could be consulted in a specific area of ​​Windows, where users do not always have access.

Now, and having arrived with the latest builds of Windows 10 version 21H1, there is a new notification. Whenever an app starts up, a new notification will appear, alerting users to this behavior.

Windows 10 Microsoft apps fast users

Microsoft wants to help users

The user can click on this notification and have access to the Windows startup configuration. Then you can simply remove this new app from the beginning of Windows 10 and thus ensure that it is faster at startup.

This simple notification will thus give users more control over the startup of Windows 10. Microsoft wants them to be aware of the apps that are present at startup and that can thus limit the system. Users are responsible for managing that space.


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