Microsoft will have cheap accessory for streaming Xbox games


Microsoft and Xbox games director Phil Spencer said the company is planning to launch a TV Stick for its streaming service, xCloud. In an interview with the Stratechery website, Spencer talked about the possibility of additional plans for the Xbox Game Pass, which could include a streaming device included “free” to run xCloud games.

“I believe that we will see low-cost hardware as part of our ecosystem when you think about streaming devices and other things that a person just wants to connect and play on xCloud,” said Spencer. “You can imagine us adding something to your Game Pass subscription that will give you the ability to run xCloud games on your television and buy the controller.”

Spencer also raised the possibility of an “Xbox Game Pass Platinum” which would entitle you to a new Xbox. Microsoft has done this type of action by mixing the subscription and hardware through something called Xbox All Access, in which you can have access to the Game Pass and the Xbox Series X or S Series. It’s a bundle that Spencer is obviously eager to try. in the future.

The idea of ​​an Xbox Streaming Stick is not new. The software giant was preparing light versions of the Xbox in 2016, but ended up giving up. Microsoft has been testing streaming devices and hardware since the company demonstrated Halo 4 running in the cloud on Windows and Windows Phone in 2013.

The first public mention of the Xbox Streaming Stick suggests that the hardware could be ready soon. Microsoft has included xCloud only in its most expensive plan, Game Pass Ultimate (R $ 44.99 per month). There is certainly room for additional plans, and to facilitate access to the service beyond Android devices.

Microsoft partnered with Samsung earlier this year for xCloud, and it’s only a matter of time before we see it appear on the Korean giant’s TVs. In 2021 it could be an interesting year for xCloud, especially as Microsoft plans to update its blades with the Xbox Series X. We should also see xCloud showing up on Facebook Gaming next year.

Microsoft is also working on a web version of xCloud for [dispositivos] iOS, which will debut in early 2021. Spencer confirmed our story about this workaround in the interview with Stratechery, but he warned that it is not in the App Store is still a challenge for xCloud. “We have a good solution on iOS that I believe will arrive early next year, I have a good feeling about the solution we have,” said Spencer.


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