Minimum wage increase ‘gives’ increase to a quarter of workers


THE minimum wage will increase next year, and the values ​​are not yet known. What is known is that this value will be “significant”, as the Minister of Finance, João Leão has referred. If confirmed, it means that a quarter of workers will have more money in their portfolios.

Last year, the percentage of workers covered by the guaranteed minimum monthly wage was 25.6%, according to data from the Strategy and Planning Office (MACHINE) of the Ministry of Labor, advanced by ECO, and confirmed by the Minute News.

Looking at the data, we can also conclude that this percentage is higher in the case of women (31%) compared to men (21%).

The Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition said, at the end of the Concert On Thursday, which “there are no counterparts” nor “there has never been” an increase in the national minimum wage, indicating that the Government maintains the objective to reach 750 euros in 2023.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Labor and Vocational Training, Miguel Cabrita, said, in turn, that the Government should present a proposal to increase the minimum wage to 2021 “at the next meetings, if not the next meeting” gives Concert Social.

The national minimum wage is 635 euros and the Government has already expressed its willingness to increase the value in line with the average of the last four years, which will result in a rise less than 25 euros.

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