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The Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, said on Monday (19) that she defends “jail immediately” for the player Robinho, convicted in Italy for sexual violence against a drunk woman.

The player was sentenced in the first instance, but appealed and says he is innocent. At the current stage of the process, Robinho cannot be arrested in Brazil. When the possibilities for appeals are exhausted, if the conviction is upheld, Brazil and Italy should reach an agreement on serving the sentence.

“Jail immediately, I have no other word to say. There is still appeal, but the leak of audios, people. What else do you want? Jail. No rapist can be applauded. The guy wants to go back to the field to pose as a hero,” he said. .

Damares commented on the case when he arrived at the Planalto Palace, on Monday, for a ceremony with President Jair Bolsonaro about treatments for Covid-19. The minister said she believed that Santos Futebol Clube acted correctly when terminating the contract with Robinho, who had agreed to return to the team on the 10th.

  • Robinho case: Fantástico explains what is ‘environmental listening’ that generated evidence against player

Robinho case: Fantastic explains ‘environmental listening’ that generated evidence against player

“The club has already reviewed, and congratulations to Santos for having rescinded. I know that there is still an appeal, but I think it is very clear. The leakage of the audios is very clear, the way this has come to us,” he declared.

“This is a crime that deserves no consideration for the abuser, the rapist. We don’t have to make concessions with this type of crime. We have to serve the sentence that is established, either there or here, immediately,” continued Damares.

The audios cited by the minister were revealed exclusively by, who also detailed the decision of the Italian court that sentenced Robinho.

In a note sent to Fantástico this weekend, the defense “reiterates that [Robinho] he did not commit the crime of which he is accused and that whenever he had sexual relations it was in a consensual way “. He also says that” there are several intercepted conversations that were not correctly translated into the Italian language “, which would have led to misinterpretation.

The case took place at a nightclub in Milan seven years ago. The victim is a young Albanian woman who, according to the sentence, was raped while drunk. Six men are involved, among them Robinho. The player resorts in freedom.

Rape culture: Robinho case reveals a pattern of violent behavior

Rape culture: Robinho case reveals a pattern of violent behavior

The case took place in a Milan nightclub called Sio Café at dawn on January 22, 2013. In addition to Robinho and Falco, four other Brazilians reportedly participated in the act classified by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office as sexual violence. As these four defendants left Italy in the course of the investigation, the case began to be dealt with in a separate procedure, lawyer Jacopo Gnocchi, who represents the victim, told

Robinho and Falco were convicted on the basis of article “609 bis” of the Italian Penal Code, which speaks of the participation of two or more people gathered for an act of sexual violence – forcing someone to have sex because of their “physical or psychic” inferiority

When questioned in April 2014, Robinho denied the charge. He admitted that he had sex with the victim – but said it was a consensual oral sex relationship – and with no others involved. In the case of Ricardo Falco, the investigation carried out by a court order identified the presence of semen in the young woman’s clothes.

Several recordings of telephone calls between the accused, made with the authorization of the courts, were transcribed in the sentence. For the Italian Justice, the wiretaps carried out since January 2014 are “self-accusatory”.


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