Ministry of Health speaks of vaccines under development against covid-19


Photo: Playback / Estadão

This Thursday (8), representatives of the Ministry of Health participated in an online interview to detail information about vaccines under development against covid-19. Some of the subjects covered were vaccine prospecting, approval and incorporation phases and dose distribution logistics.

Representatives from Fiocruz and Anvisa also participated in the interview.

Agência Brasil explains: the path of the vaccine

If ongoing research confirms the success they have achieved so far, covid-19 vaccines will be the fastest ever developed by science. Less than a year after the first cases of the disease in China in December 2019, tests on thousands of humans are already being carried out around the world, including Brazil. read more

Public sector spends R $ 3.83 per capita per day on health, says CFM

A survey carried out by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), in partnership with the non-governmental organization Contas Abertas, shows that last year the public sector spent R $ 3.83 per capita per day on the health of Brazilians. read more

SP will test to assess circulation of covid-19 in the state network

Starting next Tuesday (13), the government of São Paulo will start testing 10,000 students and 9,300 civil servants to assess the incidence of the new coronavirus in schools in the state education network.

SOURCE: Agência Brasil


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