Ministry of Health to launch digital vaccination portfolio


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The vaccination card can be accessed through the Connect SUS application or any computer with internet access.

To guarantee the safety of the population, the agility in service and the efficiency of the services provided during the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, the Ministry of Health is investing in the modernization of the Information System of the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI) . In a press conference held last Thursday (8), the director of the Informatics Department of the Unified Health System (DATASUS), Jacson Venâncio de Barros, announced two fronts of the portfolio’s performance: identification through the citizen’s CPF and registration in the digital vaccination card.

“It is important that everyone contributes with this information. Today, we have one, two, three possible vaccines to be applied. And when you have three, four or 10? If we do not have control, the patient can take the vaccine of a type A dose and we have to prevent him from taking a second dose of vaccine B ”, explained Jacson.

Each dose will be identified in the patient’s digital vaccination card, which will generate more control, preventing the same person from taking vaccines from different laboratories. In addition, the system will allow monitoring case by case of adverse reactions in the population.

The strategy will have the support of computerized health establishments, where health professionals will identify the citizen through the CPF or the National Health Card (CNS). If the patient is not yet registered with the Ministry of Health (MS), the professional will be able to register him at the time of care.

National Digital Vaccination Card – In addition to connecting notification systems and tracking various technological platforms, the modernization of SI-PNI will contribute to improving the public health system. One of the new features of Conecte SUS Cidadão is the National Digital Vaccination Card.

“The registration identified will allow the long-awaited National Digital Vaccination Card”, emphasizes Jacson Barros.

DATASUS works to create a vaccination certificate in PDF format and with a validation QRCode to maintain the security guarantee of the document issued. The citizen will be able to access the vaccination card through the Conecte SUS application or any computer with internet access.

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